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I have used the services of this French florist for a few times and each time he acts as if he is a big celebrity Wanted to ask him once what is the reason of his exaggerated self esteem But as a client what is extrem... read more

Geneva #2,694 rating: 1/5

Disappointed with the service I have received. I would never go again to this place. No not recommend to go to this place

Zurich #2,680 rating: 1/5

If you think you will ever be too sick and miss ONE SINGLE APPOINTMENT - prepare to receive the bill directly at your home cause they will charge you personally for it and not through the health insurance as any other ph... read more

Zurich #2,602 rating: 1/5

points de jambe repose principalement sur tous les points les plus importants de l'ensemble du corps et massage des jambes soulage tous les membres du corps/////،،Leg Punkte vor allem auf den wichtigsten Punkten d... read more

Zurich #2,481 rating: 5/5

tried and loved this chocolate. highly recommend it for all. seriously, how can someone imagine a Swiss chocolate and in Switzerland and not amazing! Really, Swiss are the best when it comes to chocolate, especially this... read more

#2,352 rating: 5/5

looking for a place we will visit for only one day it mast have a pool for kids and parents we only spend one day and we will bring our own food and drink

Zermatt #2,248 rating: 4/5

One of the greatest house tracks i've ever heard. His sound is great and I want to see him live in concert. The beat is fascinating and you should listen it!!!

Cham #2,117 rating: 5/5

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